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Nigeria’s boiling Point

Climate change is a subject matter that should be of concern to all nations in the world. Curiously, no country, big or small, is immune to the effects of climate change. Remarkably, despite the huge applause for the monumental Paris Agreement on climate change, the nation who ought to lead to achieve the objectives set out in it will be looked at. The effect of global warming will be huge in the future. However, this is already evident in many developing countries.

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Reflections on a Commission for the Diaspora

Talks of a Nigerian Diaspora Commission began more than 10 years ago. Some of us felt then that a full-fledged Ministry for Diaspora Affairs was more deserving but we do not mind making a start with a Commission. Our friends on the opposite side declared us bunkers and would have nothing of that sort. The Oronsanye Civil Service Report that recommended the scraping of 102 redundant agencies would conveniently arm them with extra arguments. As rebuttal we would remind our opponents that the Civil Service Reforms recommendation was all about plugging waste and operating smart. If that meant, as we were sure it did, developing or sharpening the instrument to empower a constituency that annually reeks an average of USD 30 Billion into Nigeria oil dependent economy; so be it. The highs and lows in the evolution graph of the Diaspora Commission debates over the last decade were shaped by these conflicting thoughts. When an injury heals, its pains go with it. This adage captures the mood of the Diaspora when on 30 June 2017; Acting President finally assented to the Nigerian Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) Bill.

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New Era of Nigeria-Belgium Relations

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All set for Nollywood Film Festival Germany and NEGA 2017

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Rwandans vote in the Diaspora.


The Rwandan Diaspora around the world have started casting their votes in the Presidential elections taking place tomorrow, 4th August 2017.

Depending on where you live around the world, Rwandans are already casting their votes to elect a new President for the Republic. In The Netherlands, Rwandans at press time are busy casting their votes. Led by the country’s ambassador, Ambassador has casted his voted this morning and member of the mission and the general public are visiting the mission house in The Hague to peacefully cast their votes. The official address of the Embassy is Johan van Oldenbarneveltlaan 9-B, 2582 NE The Hague, Netherlands
It is a plus and admirable to see this taking place where many other bigger African countries are yet to accomplish Diaspora voting system.
According to the Ambassador, H.E. Ambassador Jean Pierre Karabaranga the election is going on peacefully and the people are free to make their choice of any of the candidates on the ballot. The polling station is open from 7am to 7pm on 3rd August 2017.
According to the National Electoral Commission (NEC), it was decided that Rwandans in the Diaspora vote a day before.
Reports across the world says, at various Rwandan Embassies, the elections are taking place peacefully and the people are happy that they can participate in the electoral process of their mother land.
“Voting on a working day has been difficult for the Diaspora because they don’t get a holiday like us here. This has been affecting their turn up at the polls, said the Executive Secretary of NEC Charles Munyaneza in a recent interview.

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I have no problem with Nnamdi Kanu or held any secret meeting with El Rufai says Chief Peter Obi

In recent days, our publication The Voice magazine have been bombarded with all sort of mails alleging that former Governor of Anambra State, Chief Peter Obi has held secret meeting with Governor of Kaduna State, El Rufai and some other Northern leaders on the agenda to have Nnamdi Kanu returned to prison.

Early this morning, our Editor-in-Chief, Pastor Elvis Iruh spoke to Peter Obi on telephone on his return to Nigeria from Nantes, France where he has gone to attend a conference. The fact is that Peter Obi was actually not in the country as of the time they purported that he was holding a meeting with Kaduna State Governor and other Northern leaders.


Chief Peter Obi

Peter Obi said on telephone chat, “I laugh at these jokers because they don’t even know anything about me or following me. I was out of the country while they claimed I was having a meeting. I have not followed the news trend because I just arrived back this morning. They should go and read the news and follow the developments, I was among the first set of people who demanded unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu by the government.

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SOS Labour Ghana limited provided FREE TRAINING for over 200 women in Ghana

Over 200 women received FREE Job readiness training from the NekoTech Center for Peace and Development's initiative, SOSJOBS4WOMEN, in Accra, under the auspices of the Ghana Ministry for Employment and Labour Relations on May 8th at the Accra International conference center.



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CRARN Lauds Governor Udom Over Support for Street Children

A charity organization in Eket, Nigeria, the Child's Right and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN) has commended the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, for donating food and other items to the street and abandoned Children taking refuge at CRARN Children Centre in Eket.


Gov. Udom of Akwa Ibom State.

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Thinking Aloud as we Celebrate our 56 Independence Anniversary

b2ap3_thumbnail_Sierra-LEONE_20170425-153738_1.jpgAs we celebrate yet another independence anniversary in Sierra Leone – April 27th 2017, it brings to mind, the July 12th Ghana - Accra visit by former U.S. President Barack Obama. Talking to a mammoth crowd of Ghanaians in Accra, he condemned African leaders who enrich themselves on the ticket of dictatorship, and urged Africans to demand better governments with stronger institutions. He said: “Africa doesn’t need strongmen, it needs strong institutions”.

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Pat Edo awaits you at her gospel album launch in Dublin, Ireland on 9th April 2017

All way leads to Dublin, Ireland where African gospel music sensation and multi-award winning artiste, Pat Edo will launch her latest album on 9th April 2017 at Christ Embassy in Dublin, Ireland (See photo).


Pat Edo has come a long way dating back to her early years as a singer in the church choir, learning how to play musical instruments, spending hours on vocal lessons, but it has all paid off years on. She is an anointed gospel musician, born in Edo State, Nigeria. She started ministering as soon as she arrived in Europe, living and traveling around the world to bless the body of Christ with her grand of gospel music.


For years, she lived in Amsterdam, The Netherlands where she also engaged herself in helping to fight exploitation of young Nigerian girls brought to Europe for prostitution and child slave trade popularly called child trafficking. In 2001, she moved to Ireland for better opportunity to pursue her gospel musical career and that decision has paid off for her where she reaches out to hundreds of people weekly with the word of God through gospel melody. In 2013, she won the Diaspora artiste of the year award at the Voice Achievers Award and ever since more awards have come her way including the best Diaspora artiste award at Nigeria gospel music award in 2014. She has released three albums till date including “His name is Jesus; “Make no great mistake” and “Sing along with me”. Her latest work to be released on 9th April is titled, “Ebelebe God”.

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Justice at Last: Cynthia Osokogu’s Murderers found guilty

Nearly five years after Cynthia’s murder, two men charged with her murder in 2012 have been sentenced to death by hanging at a Lagos High court yesterday.


Justice Olabisi Akinlade of the Lagos State High Court in Igbosere found Ezekiel Eloka and Okwuoma Echezona Nwabufo guilty of Cynthia’s murder and both men sentenced to death. They were also found guilty of conspiracy, rape and stealing.

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Iyobo4christ brand new gospel audio/video single, ‘Ebube’ to be release in mid-April

Two of the most popular Europe base gospel singers, Iyobo4chrit and Masterdon are coming out with a new master piece single titled, “Ebube” and they are already making waves across the media as their fans look forward to receive this new gospel music, both song and video are prepared for release by 15th of April 2017. According to Iyobo4christ, she co-produce the hit single with Masterdon.

Iyobo 5

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Wife of the President thanks Nigerians for Supporting President Buhari's Administration

Wife of the President, Her Excellency, Mrs. Aisha Buhari prayed for peaceful coexistence of Nigeria. She made the prayer shortly after her arrival at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia where she performed Umrah or the Lesser Hajj as it is known.

wife 1

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Justice for the murder of Steven Osaigbovo Ekunwe; Killer gets 12 years imprisonment.

A Dutch court sitting in Breda has found a Surinamese man guilty of manslaughter and sentence to maximum jail term of 12 years without the possibility of early release in the murder of Steven Kantaga. (His asylum name in the Netherlands). He has since been recognized as a Nigerian born as Steven Osaigbovo Ekunwe, he was born on 27th of June 1971 at Benin-City, Edo State Nigeria. He was killed through knife wounds on 5th of June 2015 at Oosterhout, Noord Brabant, The Netherlands after he has been attacked.

Steven 1

Late Steven Osaigbovo Ekunwe

A friend of his, Ms Monique-Brigitte Klamer had for the last two years fought to get justice for the deceased and for his children as she felt he was unjustly murdered in cold blood because he is a foreigner and nobody to fight his course in the Netherlands.
According to Monique when she spoke to the Voice magazine on the decision of the court, she says it is a relief after two years of fighting to get justice for Steven. “He was a good man and a dear friend, he has children who are now without a father because someone decided to take his life”.

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Don Ceder appeals for your vote at 15th March parliamentary elections in The Netherlands.

Every week at his office in Amsterdam this young lawyer is attending to hundreds of people in need of assistance to clear them from unnecessary debts and bills incurred from tax office, in some cases they have been wrongfully taxed. Recently I met him on his campaign train and chatted with him on his mission to become a parliamentarian. Meet Don Ceder, a candidate on the ticket of the Christian Union, No 7 on the list. Read his interview and why we have to vote him into the parliament.

TV: Give a short introduction of yourself?

Don Ceder: I was born 27 years ago in the city of Amsterdam. I’m an offspring of a Ghanaian mother and a Surinamese father. I am currently practicing as a lawyer and I own a law firm based in Amsterdam.

TV: Congratulations, and what does your work entails as a lawyer?

Don Ceder: As a lawyer I chose to advocate for citizens whose rights are being violated by unlawful additional costs by collection agencies (in the Netherlands they are known as ‘Incasso bureaus’), tax authorities, big companies, CJIB and banks. Many people lack the language from minority communities and even those who have the language are scare to death whenever they get bills they do not clearly understand, out of panic many goes to pay it and some even get more bills after paying so some people are in serious debts. Through my legal representation I have helped many to correct the mistakes and even get them payback the over charges they have received in the past.

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President Barrow to announce cabinet today

As we report, the Office of The President of The Republic of The Gambia has released an official photo of the new President. Simple, meet His Excellency, President Adama Barrow, President of the Republic of The Gambia.

Adama Barrow
The country shall no longer be addressed as the Islamic Republic of the Gambia. Also at press time, the President is addressing the press at the Kairaba Hotel. He will be announcing members of his Cabinet and the dates they will be officially sworn in.
There is a reduction on the presence of the foreign military in the country as more areas including the home town of the former leader had been secured. It is reported that numbers of weapons were found and seized and some of his military aides arrested for proper interrogation.
A new Gambian nation is on course, the spokesperson to the President assured the international community and they are free to return to the Gambia for business or pleasure.

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Equatorial Guinea offers to join OPEC, agrees to production cuts

The Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons of Equatorial Guinea announces that it has submitted its interest to join the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in 2017. H.E. Gabriel Mbaga Obiang, Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons, travelled to Vienna on January 20 to meet with OPEC officials and present the Government of Equatorial Guinea’s offer to become the 14th member of the cartel.

H.E. Gabriel M Obiang Lima

H.E. Gabriel Mbaga Obiang, Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons


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Support Mabelle to become Europe Top Model

Mabelle Victoire is a model with her roots from Africa. She is based in the Netherlands and recently she participated at the Voice Achievers Award 2016 fashion show with Vlisco fabrics. This year she is adventuring into new grounds. Popularly known among her friends and fans as Victoria.

FB 15

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GAM TV drama series highlight taboos and stigma against people living with HIV/Aids

NO SOCKS NO SHOE, a major drama production put together by GAM Television under the directorship of Mrs. Veronica van de Kamp for SOAIDS to celebrate the World Aids Day on December 2nd at No Limit, Amsterdam was a huge success. The event attracted people from all works of life and it was an occasion to make a public declaration that no stigma any longer for persons living with HIV/Aids.


Mrs. Veronica van de Kamp: Director of GAM TV

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Black skins deserve better treatment says Beautician Stephanie Timmerman

Photo StephanieStephanie Timmerman is the creator of Health Beauty & Wellnesscenter Beau Victoire. They are specialized in medical and cosmetic treatments for black & white skin for both male and female. These services include skincare, anti-aging, acné, microdermabrasion, scar correction, treatment of spots and smoking skins. They are also specialized in stretch marks and cellulite treatment, slimming massage (Spa), pedicure, manicure, diabetic foot and fungal nails, artificial nails etc. Beau Victoire organizes courses / workshops for small groups as well as in private. The unique part is that they also offer beauty wellness, bridal and maternity packages. They sell products for skincare, body care, foot care and make-up (black skin) and vouchers for wellness treatments. It is called ‘HAMMAM EXPERIENCE’ for total relaxation, skin cleansing and detoxification.

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